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DfES Strategy for Literacy



Hand-bound logbook

Imagination - poems

Who was Saint Sebastian?

Darius's story

Veronese's studio

Tobias' letters

Puppet theatre

Writing in role

Poetry trees

Model theatres

'Three Friends' poem

How the picture began

Literacy dog

Seaside poems

People in the 'Beach Scene'

Sharing ideas

Animation scriptwriting



Speaking and listening


Writing in role

'The Fighting Temeraire' provided a rich focus for talk and writing in many schools. Both the role-play on the exhibition film and the pieces of writing by children in years 5 and 6 (nine to 11 years old) demonstrate the power of using a painting to develop children's language and literacy.

Combining discussion of 'The Fighting Temeraire' with drama, children were encouraged to jump into the action of the painting. This stimulation of the imagination through empathy - alongside the skilful work of teachers in demonstrating to children how to shape and develop their ideas - produced language and writing of great subtlety and depth.

The Temeraire's Memories by Thomas Dutton
St John's Primary School, Warwickshire

Diary by Bethany Egan
Lubenham All Saints CE Primary School, Leicestershire

There I Was by Sophie Rushbrook
Park Hill Junior School, Surrey

© Photo: The National Gallery, London.