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DfES Strategy for Literacy



Hand-bound logbook

Imagination - poems

Who was Saint Sebastian?

Darius's story

Veronese's studio

Tobias' letters

Puppet theatre

Writing in role

Poetry trees

Model theatres

'Three Friends' poem

How the picture began

Literacy dog

Seaside poems

People in the 'Beach Scene'

Sharing ideas

Animation scriptwriting



Speaking and listening



Longden C of E Primary School - 'A Dream in the Wood' video

Year 6 students from Longden C of E Primary School started with a classroom discussion in their literacy hour about Titian's 'Bacchus and Ariadne'.

The students began to consider the story represented in the painting. This led to a discussion of magical and mythological creatures as well as the mysterious woodland shown in the painting. Comparisons were made with the characters and woodland in Shakespeare's play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Starting with these ideas, a video was produced in which students from the school encounter mystery and magic in the wood surrounding their school.

© Longden C of E Primary School, Shrewsbury. Used by permission.