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DfES Strategy for Numeracy


Fashion and Design

Repeating Patterns

Changing Landscapes

Investigating Inca rug designs

Centre stage

A living picture

'Trashion' project

Counting buttons

Proportion in portraiture

Sand sculpture



2D and 3D shapes

Plotting coordinates

Shapes and patterns

'Trashion' project

Stalham Junior School, Norwich

Mixed age group

The photographs displayed here demonstrate the outcomes of just one of 23 workshops created by staff, governors, friends and local artists for students from all year groups. Here's how this one was described to the children:

'Ever heard of 'trashion'? If you are interested in fashion and recycling, this could be just the thing for you. Calling all designers to bring inspiration to this spring's fashion collection and design something different for the catwalk.'

Since Renoir painted 'The Umbrellas', millions of umbrellas have been thrown away and are now filling up landfill sites. In response to this, the students recycled unwanted umbrellas to make new fashion items.

Mike Beames (Head Teacher)

© Stalham Junior School. Photo: The National Gallery, London.