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Images of teachers at a CPD course.

National Gallery Education organises one-day CPD courses for both individual primary teachers and whole staffs, using paintings from the National Gallery's unrivalled collection of Western European paintings as a focus for integrating art into the primary curriculum. It offers general principles of working with images, either reproductions in the classroom or works in local galleries.

Following the course participating primary schools have the opportunity to take part in the Gallery's highly successful 'Take One Picture' scheme. Some of the work produced in the scheme may be selected for exhibition at the Gallery.

For more information please contact Emma Darvill, Administrator for Children and Young People’s Learning: 020 7747 5820 or email education@ng-london.org.uk

These one-day courses focus on how to use art in the classroom, in many different areas of the curriculum.

For full course details, including dates and availability please go to the Course Schedule