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2013 Display
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Take One Picture: discover, imagine, explore

Children Inspired by Willem Kalf

Annenberg Court, 12 June – 22 September 2013

Looking closely at ‘Still Life with Drinking-Horn’ by Willem Kalf ignited children’s curiosity. Following their lines of enquiry took them in myriad directions. This display shows examples of creative investigations that transformed the painting from a two-dimensional object to a three-dimensional experience for children in the classroom.

Willem Kalf’s painting shows a collection of objects, chosen for their magnificent colour and texture. A contemporary viewer would have recognised these objects as expensive luxury items, which only the wealthy would have been able to afford.

The drinking horn, which still survives, was made of a single buffalo horn set into a silver mount. It features Saint Sebastian, patron saint of archers who was bound to a tree as a target for two Roman soldiers. The horn suggests that the painting may have been commissioned by a member of the Amsterdam Archers' Guild.
  • Over 1,000 teachers came to the National Gallery to learn about the painting and the Take One Picture approach.
  • At least 46,500 children and their families were involved in the project.
  • The smallest school represented in the display has just 16 children on roll; the largest has 678.
  • The furthest school is 6,899 miles from the National Gallery; the closest is 4 miles away.
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Take One Picture is generously supported by The Dorset Foundation and by the Tavolozza Foundation.

The schools represented in the 2013 display are:
  • Ashdell Preparatory School, Sheffield
  • Bovingdon Primary Academy, Hertfordshire
  • British Embassy School Ankara, Turkey
  • Castlebar School, Ealing
  • Christ Church CEP School, Kent
  • Clapham Manor Primary School, London
  • Grafton Primary School, London
  • Gretton Primary School, Northamptonshire
  • Kingsleigh Primary School, Dorset
  • Knebworth Primary and Nursery School, Hertfordshire
  • Lanesend Primary School, Isle of Wight
  • Little Hallingbury CEP School, Hertfordshire
  • Loughton School, Buckinghamshire
  • St Eanswythe’s CEP School, Kent
  • St James’s Catholic Primary School, Middlesex
  • St Mary’s CEP School, Kent
  • St Mary’s CEP School, Runcorn
  • St Peter’s CEP School, Kent
  • Stoke Goldington CEP School, Buckinghamshire
  • Takeley Primary School, Essex
  • Waverley Primary School, Doncaster
  • Wells Cathedral School, Somerset
  • West Ewell Infant School, Surrey
  • Yardley Gobion CEP School, Northamptonshire
  • Ynystawe Primary School, Swansea
View a slideshow of work from an additional 30 schools

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